Huge explosions targeted a Russian military base in the annexed Crimea

Massive explosions and fires have occurred at a military arms depot in Russia’s annexed Crimea, the second time in a week that a Russian facility in the region has suffered a major accident. the main points: Ukraine has neither officially confirmed nor denied responsibility for the bombings at a military arms depot Vladimir Putin accused … Read more

The reaction of all the black greats: NZ Rugby’s press conference on ‘uncertainty’ | Newshop – Newshop

The reaction of all the black greats: NZ Rugby’s press conference on ‘uncertainty’ | newshopnewshop ‘We need time’: Foster left hanging with New Zealand champion’s decision, coach slams ‘evil’ treatmentHadeer Ian Foster Press Conference (Johannesburg)all black All Blacks: Graham Henry slams “bitter” from New Zealand Reaction: ‘I have no idea’ – Foster’s questions remain … Read more

Lee Sansom, Princess Diana’s bodyguard, claims she would have survived if he had been on duty

He is the bodyguard that Princess Diana called “Rambo” and who had many hearts to reveal her biggest fears and future plans. And 25 years after her death, Lee Sansom says he insists she would be alive today if he had been with her on the night she died alongside Dodi Fayed in a Paris … Read more

Kate Middleton wore $83,000 worth of clothes in 100 days

There are always defining moments in every career for a Queen, such as when Elizabeth I stood before her troops at Tilbury in 1588 and gave one of the most sensational speeches in British history or in 1947 when Elizabeth II delivered her famous radio address from South Africa promising to dedicate her life to … Read more