The CW’s Superman & Lois re-enact Jonathan Kent

jordan spicture: Eric Foak/Getty Images for Hulu Uh oh: It looks like Barry is using the Speed ​​Force for Mess With history again, or at least that would be the case if Superman and Louis He hasn’t quietly cut ties with the older Arrowverse, as Clarke and Lewis’ son Jonathan will look a little different … Read more

How to identify the music heard in movies, shows, and advertisements

Music is all around us, and if you hear a tune you love — in an ad, a movie, or a prestigious TV show — you’ll want to know what it is. Or maybe you have something stuck in your head and need a title for it. With the magic of digital devices at our … Read more

The rock was behind the separation of black Adam and Shazam! Movies

Dwayne Johnsonpicture: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) It’s 2022 and the DC universe is no more coherent. After failing to take advantage of the popularity Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Triple with two significantly And the Superman movies are equally divisiveAnd the Warners launched its first two 10-year plans To achieve Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, After changing … Read more

Amaan Sandhu is the first, but not the last, Indian to play Division I basketball

King Rice walked onto the field one day last week, beating the sounds of a Jay-Z remix of “Beware.” The song wouldn’t make any short lists of the rapper’s most popular or highly regarded tunes, but it was the perfect choice for Rice’s audience. Aman Sandow arrives at Monmouth University with a very heavy addition … Read more

The fourth season of Westworld was bleak, brutal, and beautiful

picture: John B. Johnson / HBO as it wasI went down to Dolores and the man in black. Forget about saving Caleb. forget Mayev’s death. forget Bernard’s Nine Million Step Plan. Forget humanity, forget the hosts, forget everything. None of that matters now. Westworld The ancient world was swept away more thoroughly and effectively than … Read more

Troy Kotsur Recovers Stolen Jeep (and His Oscar)

Troy Kotsurpicture: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images kudaTroy Kotsur recently stole his Jeep in Mesa, Arizona (Jeep folks will know that nothing ever happens to a Jeep owner’s “car”, it’s always precisely their Jeep), and while that was probably very frustrating, what was most likely more The frustrated was what was stolen along with … Read more

Stranger Things creators are finally swearing to add new characters to the cast

Eduardo Franco and Charlie Heaton, glimpsed briefly in the final season of Weird thingspicture: Netflix Although it started out fairly focused—two grownups, three high school students, five teenage girls, a physical monster, and Matthew Modine – Netflix Science Fiction Crew Weird things got a little expansive over the past few years. That’s not to discredit … Read more

With the Lakers documentary Legacy, the focus on the Buss family was a major differentiating factor

EL SEGUNDO, CA – Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua contacts the Los Angeles Lakers via his hometown of Pittsburgh. Norm Nixon played college basketball at Duquesne University before becoming a first-round pick for the Lakers in 1977, and Fuqua was a fan of his base play. But doesn’t every fan have a favorite team loyalty story? That … Read more